Miss. Gay Pride 2016

Ms Gay friendly Pride Honolulu  Contestants

Miss Gay Pride Honolulu  Contestants

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Mr Gay Pride Honolulu  Contestants

gladys Hayes

Mr, Miss, Ms Gay Pride honolulu

Heather clark

Aaron Pennington. is a happy go lucky tall hapa boy from Kailua, Oahu! He is currently a Kayak Tour Guide and Surf Instructor for Kailua Beach Park. As an avid ocean lover on his free time you can usually find him at the beach. He also likes to play music; ukulele, piano, and guitar and you can usually find him performing at Scarlet Honolulu on Friday.

He would like to be Mr Gay Pride Honolulu to represent the locals, and to show that beach boys can have pride too! But most importantly he wants to support Life Foundation which is the top HIV and AIDs advocacy group for the entire Pacific. Life Foundation has lost funding the past few years, so he wants to do his part to help such an important facet for our community. Check Out His Facebook Page Here

Mr. Gay Pride 2016

Ms Gay Pride Honolulu  Contestants

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Tre Rhyne is Atlanta, GA born, and raised in Tennessee which is known as the Volunteer State. Tre was known for chairing events including the Relay for Life. Volunteering gives him life and satisfaction knowing he's helping others have a better life. This is why when approached to run for Mr. Gay Pride Honolulu he was ecstatic that it was to support the Life Foundation of Hawaii as a way to give back to his new community.

He made the move to Hawaii in March of 2015 leaving behind family & friends. Since moving, he feels he made the right decision as he gained a new Ohana including his friends at Hula's Bar & Lei Stand where he is currently a Bartender & Server. On his spare time Tre enjoys hiking, beach and exploring the island. Check Out His Facebook Page Here

kari sayas

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The Triple M Council of Honolulu Presents the Mr, Miss, Ms Gay Pride Honolulu Contest. The Official Winners Will Go On To Represent the LGBT Community for the 2017 Honolulu Pride (TM) Festivities Throughout the Month of October. 

TO VOTE simply make a donation towards your favorite candidate in each category. Each dollar represents (1) one vote. For 2017 the Triple M Council has selected the Life Foundation of Hawaii as the beneficiary. Therefore, 100% of all donations made to candidates for votes will be given to the Life Foundation. Learn More about this years contestants and click on the links to donate and vote online for them!