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The Island of Oahu is home to Hawaii's Capitol - Honolulu and its world famous Waikiki. Thus, nightlife is prevalent on the island with the majority of the gay bars and nightclubs being in Waikiki with a few in Downtown Honolulu. Most of the Waikiki clubs are host to many shows and gay circuit like parties and events. There is something for everyone's taste on Oahu from Male GoGo Dancers, Drag Shows, Variety Shows and more. For a list of LGBT Bars and Gay Nightclubs as well as their locations visit our Oahu Bars & Nightclub Page. You may also find event listings on our calendar at the Events Page

Being unique located in the middle of the Pacific, the State of Hawaii appeals to a broader market of Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender individuals, couples and families who travel not only from island to island but also from all over the United States (West Coast and East Coast and the South), Australia, Canada, Japan and Mexico just to name a few. For those from the LGBT community looking for a more lively city like nightlife the Island of Oahu is the best choice for a greater variety of Bars & Nightclubs that cater specifically to the gay local or traveler. However, if you're looking for more of a balance of relaxation, learning Hawaii history and yet be able to at times head to a gay bar or nightclub Kailua-Kona on the Island of Hawaii (Big Island) may be better suited for you. Maui and Kauai don't necessarily have bars and nightclubs designated as "Gay" but do offer small venues that are gay-friendly. Those planning to visit the state for a longer period of time also many times choose to keep Oahu as their main base and travel for a couple of days for sightseeing on the neighboring islands with the Island of Hawaii and Maui being the top two choices. 

Maui No Ka `Oi! The Island of Maui is unique in their bar and nightlife offering. After a days hike or a trip to Haleakala, take time to enjoy the many small and oceanfront bars throughout the island. Some of the popular places to go are Front Street in Lahaina as well as Kihei where it is advisable to park and then take a stroll throughout the night. 


big island

The Island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island of Hawaii offers a few bars and nightclubs primarily in Kailua-Kona. These bars and nightclubs will make you feel at home, with very laid back bartenders who have a great spirit of Aloha. From time to time the Hawaii Island clubs offer similar city like events and promotions that are really fun and exciting. For a list of LGBT Bars and Nightclubs and their locations visit our Hawaii Island Bars & Nightclub Page. Be sure to also check out our event listings on our calendar at the Events Page.